Sunday, July 9, 2017

Light Medieval

Beautiful votive holders for Autumn and Hallowe'en made by Miss June of the Medieval Light Company. Artistry in glass and metal that shimmer when lit.


Lunar imagery is often part of the iconography of Hallowe'en. I like it all by itself regardless of the season, and recently had this done for me by David Fode. It measures 5" x 18".

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


This blog's about Hallowe'en and meant to be generally impersonal, But yesterday had some unusual aspects to it I wish to record.

As part of an annual pulmonary check-up (I have COPD) in June a CT scan revealed suspicious "nodules" that resulted in surgical removal of the upper lobe of my left lung in August. Adenocarcinoma was determined after tissue biopsy, lung cancer. This should've come as no surprise since I was a pack-a-day smoker for 46 years and had only quit in May. To kill any cancer cells that may remain, and as a preventive measure, chemotherapy was ordered, and the first session was to be on October 31st! My favorite day of the year! I could've asked to change the day, but you don't f**k with cancer and the oncologists wanted to get going, so I agreed.

I was at the clinic until 4:30 and had to rush home to get the pumpkins out into the yard and into my costume (trick-or-treat was 5:00 to 8:00 here). Of course, I had no idea how'd I'd be feeling; would I spend Hallowe'en with my head in the toilet, puking my guts out? Happily, the anti-nausea meds I'd been given worked a treat, and it was a wonderful evening. We had ca. 70 to 80 trick-or-treaters, the temperature was comfortable for the end of October in Wisconsin, and there was enough of a spooky wind to rattle the dry leaves and those still clinging to their branches.

So Hallowe'en was NOT ruined this year as I feared it might be. Thank-you, God.

Joined this year again by friends Ellen, Bob and Nick.


Bruce (but Ellen drew the mouth)

Bruce, and not at all happy with it.

Ellen did a terrific job on this owl.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Out the Window This Afternoon

The maple in the front yard putting on more an orange and bronze show this year rather than red and yellow. Overcast and damp, temperature higher than usual for us this time of year, and if the forecast holds the trick-or-treaters should be pretty comfortable on Monday ("Aw, Ma, I don't wanna wear a coat over my costume!"). Last year was very chilly.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Inside Shots

Can't see them well in this shot, but the Ephraim Pottery vase has bats. That's a strip of Dennison border crepe on the table.

Print by William Basso on the easel.
Lanterns...I got lanterns...
This bookcase holds my Halloween, ghost stories, paranormal, witchcraft, cemeteries, etc. It looks like this pretty much year round except for the JOLs atop.
Pay no attention to that man reflected in the glass.
Tiffany (repro.) bat lamp far right.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Lurn How Ta Use Yer Danged Camera, Will Ya?

Gosh, I've only had this camera (Kodak EasyShare Z915) for about six years and maybe it's time I tried some of its options (I hate--repeat, hate--reading manuals). These were done in "candlelight" mode, camera mounted on a tripod (no flash). So here are some of this year's decorations.

Taken outdoors from the yard.
Taken indoors, looking out.
From outdoors.